We are a unique partner, bringing global solutions in luxury secondary packaging and promotional gifts for a wide range of sectors. Our main aim is to give solutions and fulfil even the most demanding needs in terms of materials, designs, types of products and all of this with an unwavering commitment to service along with clear orientation and satisfaction of the client.

Your most trustworthy partner

We have now been growing for ten years with the confidence of our clients, and our extensive experience in a wide variety of sectors has provided us with a sensitivity and profound knowledge of what our clients need at all times. We know the market trends and help our clients by advising them at all times and throughout the whole process.


At Urbag.ws we have a commitment to the environment, for this reason we use recycled, recyclable, ecological, sustainable, and reusable materials for our products. We work with RPET, PLA, cellulose acetate, bamboo fibre, hemp and FSC sustainable paper from controlled forests, among other environmentally responsible materials. In addition, we try to reduce our impact on planet earth by working with 100% ecological inks, stamping and laminates.

To give you an answer, we have a design department that perfectly understands the aesthetic approach of each project and we always act from a proactive standpoint and involvement in each project, to provide that added value that enriches the final result and makes the difference.

We know that your business is at stake and that your partner must be reliable, so our maxim is to follow the plans and meet the deadlines that you provide us with. And this is what makes us stand out. We help our clients to control their stick to anticipate their needs.

Our Values

The values that have made us grow and that will continue to be the basis of our evolution in the future are reliability and commitment to the client and their projects, but also closer values, such as honesty and integrity. We are committed to giving you a proactive response throughout the whole process, as well as accompanying and advising you so that everything is as simple as possible: from the most simple to the most complex. From a simple decision to something that may make you think twice, such as the details or aesthetics/look of a product. From Ürbag.ws we want to lend a helping hand so that everything is easier.

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